The Bull Ring, Drogheda
NDBA - Niall Brennan Associates

NDBA Architects is a leading international Architectural Practice who together with our clients bring passion, enthusiasm and discipline to every project. Through thirty years of practice we have grown to become an office with a reputation for creating buildings of excellence, which combine commercial ambition with environmental sensitivity. We are a firm with a progressive outlook towards design and the development process. The practice responds directly to our clients' requirements and aspirations in ways that fit the economic, social and cultural context of the project.

Our practice has fundamental values that are at the core of everything we do; 'Design Excellence', 'Architecture as a Collaborative Process', and the 'Creation of Sustainable Projects'. We believe that creativity and viability are not mutually exclusive and we strive to combine contemporary design with consistency and deliverability. Based on these beliefs, NDBA is able to approach any type of project and deliver outstanding results.

NDBA Architects success is based on the talent and expertise of our staff. From start to finish, you will find a team of experts with a genuine desire to deliver a shared vision. The practice is able to provide staff with appropriate experience across a broad range of disciplines, from architectural design to master planning, sustainable design, interior design and conservation. Our guiding philosophy is "excellence through design".